French Alps and French Cheese



This is beautiful French Alps!
Amazing place, unbelievable pistes.
It is a place that you MUST see it in your life!

and i am gonna tell you about their special food, called “Raclette”

Türkiye is a cheese country actually, but after i visited France, i saw that France is a cheese country too. Just the eating habit is different. We, Turks generally eat our daily cheese at our breakfast. But the French people eat it just after their meal. I dont know how do they find a place in their stomach 🙂

Anyway, this cheese is a huge round melting cheese. They bring it with a radiator type thing and while they are serving your bread and boiled potatoes, it continues to melt into a plate. Then you serve that melted chese on top o the potatoes!!! MmmmMmmmm
It is abaolutely delicious! 🙂
Try it!

Love xx


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